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Students may register at ANY time, if space allows

Objective: To develop each student’s physical, mental and social skills. To train each student in how to develop self-discipline, self-esteem and self-confidence. The goal is not to give these qualities to the students, as qualities are not things that can be given from one person to another. The goal is to train the students in how to develop these qualities in themselves. The vehicle for such training is traditional techniques of self-defense.


Location: Westbriar Elementary Gymnasium

Dates: April 3 - May 31 (no class 4/10, 4/19 and 4/26)


This fee includes a uniform for new students. Pay online at time of registration to complete your registration. Incomplete registrations will be cancelled, and your spot will be given to the next registrant.

Participants: Any Westbriar student, Grades K – 6. No minimum enrollment, maximum enrollment: 36.

Because progress through the ranks takes many years, currently enrolled students get the right of first refusal on their spots in subsequent sessions. (Otherwise, every session would just be a new group of beginners, and there would be no senior students, who are essential to the group.) This allows those who want to dedicate themselves to training over the long term to progress through the ranks. Each year, some 6th-graders will graduate to middle school, and some students will drop out, opening spots for new beginners. Those on the waiting list are given the first chance at those spots, and only in the event of an empty waiting list will general registration be opened.

Waiting List: If you are unable to enroll because all spaces are filled, please contact David Teitelbaum to be placed on the waiting list. If an enrolled student cancels, those on the waiting list will be contacted on a first-come, first-served basis. Your position on the waiting list will be held for priority enrollment in future sessions of the class.

Instructor: This program is taught through the volunteer services of a Westbriar parent who is a certified 4th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Please click here to learn more about Mr. David Teitelbaum's credentials and background.

Program Summary: The program consists of a systematic progression of techniques, the acquisition of which will develop in the student exceptional physical coordination, strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and relaxation. Techniques include blocks, strikes, kicks, falls and throws, stretching, yoga, meditation and calisthenics. Students who take this class will improve performance in any other sport they choose to participate in later. Students who participate over longer periods will show improvements in academic performance and in social behavior. Students are closely supervised at all times. Roughhousing or dangerous behavior is not allowed.

Class Structure: Classes will consist of large group exercises, small group activities, and individual practice. The typical class structure will be as follows:

  1. Opening ceremony (3 minutes): line-up, greetings, meditation, recitation of the tenets of martial arts training:
    • Courtesy – be polite
    • Integrity – be honest
    • Perseverance – keep trying
    • Self-Control – don’t do what you shouldn’t do
    • Strong Spirit – do your best
  2. Goal-setting for the class (2 minutes): Instructor lecture and demonstration of the day’s assignment
  3. Calisthenics (5-8 minutes): gross-motor skills development and muscle warm up (jump rope, footwork drills, jumping drills, etc.)
  4. Stretching (8-10 minutes): full-body stretch routine
  5. Martial Arts Technique (24-30 minutes): blocks, kicks, strikes, throws, falls, sparring
  6. Closing ceremony (2-3 minutes): recap of the day’s accomplishments; meditation; exit.

Uniforms and Equipment: Program fee includes plain white uniforms, which will be worn during classes. Students are encouraged to put their uniforms on prior to class. Shorts and t-shirts may be worn underneath, to facilitate helping the younger students to get dressed without fully stripping down to their underwear. However, this is not ideal, as the extra clothes may be cumbersome, not to mention hot. Parents are welcome and encouraged to purchase an extra uniform, at their own expense (wholesale price: $15), to help lessen the laundry burden. Teaching students to respect their uniform and take pride in their appearance is another aspect of the teaching methodology to develop self-discipline and self-respect. When a student is promoted to yellow belt, hand and foot pads ($15) will be required.

Promotion: Mr. Teitelbaum will award students with new belt rank on an ad-hoc basis, at any time during the student's practice. Those students who are promoted to the next level will be given new and more complex assignments. Those students who are not ready for promotion will continue to work at their level until they are ready for promotion. The judgment as to who is ready and who is not is a subjective one and will be made by Mr. Teitelbaum based on his discretion and experience, and always with the student’s best interest at heart.

Waiver: Parents will be asked to agree to/sign this waiver upon registration:

By signing up for this (the "Activity") sponsored by the Westbriar Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association (the "PTA"), I hereby confirm as follows:

- I understand my child's participation in the Activity is completely voluntary.

- I understand that the PTA cannot guarantee that injury will not occur in the course of my child's participation in the Activity.

- I assume all risks resulting from his/her participation in the Activity.

- I hereby waive, and will hold harmless the PTA, their officers, agents, and any affiliated persons, entities and associations from, any and all liability, causes of action, claims and demands which may arise in connection with or resulting from my child's participation in the Activity.

Refunds: The PTA maintains a no-refund policy. Please think carefully before you click "pay now" :)

Questions?  Please contact David Teitelbaum

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