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                                      DECEMBER 2019 NEWS LETTER 

Dear Westbriar Parents and Staff, 

We hope you and yours enjoy a wonderful, restful winter break and holiday season.  We hope you take a break yourself, put your feet up, enjoy a coffee or a cup of tea, and take a moment to see all the good you do.  Feel the positive effect you have as a parent, as a member of our community, as an example of generosity and kindness to follow.  Take a moment to bask in that. 

We have such great people in our community -- people who make ours a cozy village, filled with caring hearts, instead of a cold suburb of a hard-driving, power-filled city.  We at Westbriar PTA are honored and pleased to work with each of you, and we really appreciate the different talents you bring to the table.  We feel very fortunate to call Westbriar home for our children and ourselves.



Your Westbriar PTA Board


PTA Dates at a glance

Now until 12/20 -- Winter enrichment registration 

Now until 1/17 -- Westbriar Spelling Bee registration

1/14 -- Dining for Dollar$ at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

1/31 -- Pi Night at Westbriar (a math celebration!)

2/12 -- Dining for Dollar$ at California Pizza Kitchen

2/13 -- Westbriar PTA meeting and presentations 

2/28 -- '80s vs. Current Hits Dance

                                                              Thank you notes

Thank you to Julianna Lieu and her crew of volunteers for putting together a very fun, very successful Book Fair.  Not only did the Book Fair net nearly $7500 in proceeds, but it also served as a great event for students, teachers, and parents.  What a luxury to go shopping together in the Westbriar library and come away with the gift of a good book.  Thank you, Julianna, for your hard work organizing, locating, relocating, dealing with errant technology, and counting the pennies of the students who brought in their full piggy banks -- what a gift to our school!

Thank you to Rhonda Gleditsch, who patiently counted almost $700 worth of BoxTops for Education.  While we no longer run classroom competitions, we are still collecting BoxTops that you clip off of your purchases from the grocery store. Rhonda volunteers to painstakingly read, organize, and send in our box tops.  It's not an easy job (have you seen the tiny print on those things!?!) and we really appreciate her doing it!!  If you have questions about the transition to electronic submission of BoxTops for Education, please contact Rhonda.

Thank you to Katie Chernyak for her amazing work on the Winter enrichment schedule -- 21 extra-curricular classes that Katie has booked for your students to enjoy over the course of the winter.  Katie does a great job of finding new and exciting classes, finding friendly and agreeable vendors, and reserving all of the different building space needed for all of the classes.  

Thank you to Jenni Bae of #iCare and Debbie Alsado, Ewa Meoni, Carly Guinn, Alissa Roth, and Meg Caudill of Fairfax Friends Forever for leading Westbriar through National Inclusive Schools Week.  The daily lessons were fun and informative, and we were proud to see our students and staff on the early morning news on December 4th.  

A long overdue thank you to Dr. Bell and StemTree for the $1000 donation to our PTA.  Dr. Bell, we so appreciate your generosity and support of our community.  We look forward to continued collaboration in the future to bring additional STEM opportunities to Westbriar students. 

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